Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fireplace in a living room with smoke damage and fire extinguisher residues on walls

Lancaster Fire Damage Surface Cleaning

Not every fire in a Lancaster property needs extensive fire restoration services. This photo shows little charring but a large amount of fire extinguisher residue and smoke damage that needed cleanup. 

hands holding dirty sooty mug and one cleaned one

Soot and Smoke Damage Cleaning in Valencia

Our customer in Valencia was very pleased with our "hands-on" approach to cleaning these sooty mugs. We have the skilled SERVPRO technicians to utilize EPA-approved and proprietary detergents to make these treasured possessions appear "Like it never even happened." We understand and empathize, knowing the stress suffered by the residents after a house fire. We are Here to Help.

Car Starts Fire In Garage

Garage Fire

A local home suffered from a mild fire in their garage after their car burst into flames. The fire thankfully did not spread throughout the rest of the home. SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to mitigate the damage and remove any burnt material from the garage so that the homeowners could continue with the insurance claims and reconstruction process.

Fire Damaged Home & Garage

Extreme Fire Damage of Home

A local home was devastated due to an unexpected fire which was able to grow unrestricted in the garage. The extent of the damage was confined primarily to the garage but was able to spread slightly through the front portion of the home and destroyed the cars outside the home. 

SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to board up the garage for the homeowner so that they could figure out how to proceed with reconstruction with their insurance provider. 

Fire Damage

Workshop Fire, Santa Clarita

A workshop fire occurred leaving  a garage damaged and soot laden. SERVPRO was able to not only respond rapidly but also deal with the physical damage and ensure that the garage was free of any stagnant or airborne ash and soot.  

Kitchen Fire

A local home suffered a kitchen fire which left a significant damage on the walls and wall cabinets. The problem was quickly dealt with and we make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Van at a Fire Loss

This is our SERVPRO van at a residential home, cleaning up a local fire loss. We try to make our jobs as quick as possible to get the homeowners back into their homes without being away from it for too long.

Garage Fire Loss

This is a picture of a garage in a local home in Santa Clarita that caught fire. SERVPRO was able to clean up the fire loss that left soot and smoke damage in the house.