Commercial Photo Gallery

Air movers in a room with removed baseboards and ventilation holes cut into walls and ceiling

Water Removal for a Santa Clarita Dorm

SERVPRO responded to first-floor water damage in this Santa Clarita dormitory. The photo shows that technicians removed baseboards and opened the corner bench for drying. Small holes were marked and cut into the ceiling and walls for air circulation.

Commercial Property Sewage Leak

Commercial Sewage Leak

A local commercial property suffered a sewage related loss after several of their toilets in the restrooms flooded and were leaking raw sewage. SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to mitigate the damage and remove the standing water and any sewage in the restrooms. 

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Water Damaged Office

Commercial Property Reconstruction

This is a reconstruction job of an office space in the Santa Clarita Valley region. The damage was not severe but did require the baseboards and some carpeting to be replaced. The picture above showcases our work following the reconstruction in one of the larger areas of the office space. 

Water Loss at a Local School

This is what it looks like while we are doing our work at a local school. The carpet had water on it and the baseboards of the cabinetry was also affected by the water. In the picture, you can see our equipment at work, drying both the carpet and the cabinets instead of removing them altogether. 

Large Commercial Loss

This is a picture of our crew members setting up a containment at a large commercial loss. The building was heavily affected by a bursted fire hydrant that flooded the building from its upper floors down to the ground floor. Fortunately, SERVPRO was able to respond and serve the local Santa Clarita building.

Commercial Water Loss

This is a picture of a local commercial water loss in Santa Clarita. SERVPRO was able to clean it up "Like it never happened" allowing the business to get up and running as quick as possible.

Boarded Up Glass Panel

SERVPRO cleaned up the shattered glass after this local store got broken in to. Our crew boarded up the window panel as a temporary cover before a glass company replaces the window.