SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley Employee Photos

Grey Man standing next to van facing south

Daniel Christensen

Daniel has been with SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley since May of 2019, and serves as our General Manager. He holds a degree in Biblical Studies and Theology from the Master's University, and seeks to lead our franchise team with excellence and integrity at all times. 

He loves guiding each customer through their project, and providing peace of mind as he works to make property damage "Like it never even happened." When he's not coordinating crews, training staff, or consulting with property owners and insurance professionals, you can find him serving at his church as a pastoral resident.

Daniel holds an IICRC Certification in Water Restoration.

Woman with brown hair smiling at camera

Amanda Chalfin

Amanda has been with SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley since spring of 2019, and serves as Office Manager. She loves spending time with her nieces, reading, and is cat-obsessed!

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Jonathan Amezcua

Meet Jonathan, Jonathan serves as one of our Water Mitigation Project Managers. In his free time, Jonathan loves to take photos of his car and attend car meets.

He has a keen eye for capturing the beauty of his vehicle and is always on the lookout for the perfect shot. But cars aren't Jonathan’s only passion, he is also a dedicated dog owner. His German Shepherd is his constant companion, and he loves taking him out for long runs and workouts. Jonathan understands the importance of staying active and healthy, and he makes sure to prioritize his fitness routine no matter how busy his schedule gets.

With his love for cars and fitness, Jonathan is always looking for new ways to challenge himself and push his limits. Whether he's behind the camera lens or pounding the pavement with his dog, he approaches everything he does with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence.

Man looking south east next to van

Hector Chirinos

Meet Hector, Hector serves as our Reconstruction Production Manager. Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami. With 6 years of experience under his belt, he brings a wealth of knowledge to every project he takes on. His passion for restoration management is fueled by his desire to help people in need.

Outside of work, he loves to travel and explore new places. Whether it's a quick weekend getaway or a longer adventure to a far-off destination, he's always up for an adventure. But no matter where he goes, he always finds himself drawn back home to his family in Miami.

Overall, Hectors, restoration management expertise is a true asset to any project he takes on. With his wealth of experience, passion for helping others, and love for travel and family, he brings a unique perspective and a deep commitment to excellence to everything he does.

Handsome man with a middle part smiles tenderly at the camera

Jared Burbidge

Jared has been with SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley since July of 2022 and serves as our Sales and Marketing Manager. He strives to provide excellent service to our clients, and is committed to engaging with the larger Santa Clarita community to provide help wherever he can.

When he's not assisting clients or promoting SERVPRO, you can find Jared serving at his church and spending time with his wife and friends.

Man with clean cut dark hair smiles into camera

Jose Guerrero

Jose (known among his teammates as "G") has been with SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley since spring of 2019, and serves as a Restoration Project Supervisor. He brings a decade and a half of industry experience to our team. You might catch him around the warehouse honing his impressions of his teammates, but when it comes down to it, G is one of the most dedicated members of the team here at SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley.

Jose holds an IICRC Certification in Fire and Smoke Restoration.

Young Man Looking Southeast

Fransisco Moreno

Meet Fransisco (Franky), a man of many interests and passions. Fransisco serves as one of our Water Mitigation Project Managers. When he's not busy with work, you can probably find him under the hood of his Mustang.

Fransisco is more than just a car enthusiast though, he also enjoy’s powerlifting. He spends hours in the gym every week, pushing himself to new heights and constantly improving his strength and stamina. When he's not working on his car or lifting weights, Fransisco loves nothing more than spending time with his friends and family.

Man standing next to van facing south

Wally Ozimek

Wally has been with SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley since the winter of 2019 and serves as a Reconstruction Superintendent. He has a passion for customer service and an eye for quality.

Wally loves freshwater fishing and his favorite part of working at SERVPRO is getting to meet all the unique, interesting, and diverse people through his work.

Tall Man next to van facing southeast

Ferris Smith

Ferris has been with SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley since May of 2022 and serves as a Sales and Marketing Representative. His work ethic and attention to detail ensure that all our clients' needs will receive the highest level of service.

When he's not promoting the SERVPRO brand around the Santa Clarita Valley, you can find Ferris enjoying a cup of artisanal coffee and serving the youth at his local church.

Man looking south east by van

Zac Cota

Meet Zac, he serves as one of our Production Supervisors. Zac is a driven individual who is currently pursuing a degree in marketing at Grand Canyon University. With two years of management experience under his belt, he has developed a keen sense of leadership and a strong work ethic. Zac is a people person who enjoys engaging in meaningful conversations and providing assistance to those in need. He has been with the company for a year and has made a significant impact with his dedication and commitment to his work.

Zac is an enthusiastic learner who is always seeking new opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally. With his exceptional communication skills and passion for marketing, Zac is well on his way to achieving his goals and making a positive impact in the business world.

Man standing by van facing west

Luke Christensen

Luke has been with SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley since early 2020, and he serves as a Restoration Production Supervisor. He is currently a student at the Master's University, and loves to look for creative solutions to problems on the jobsite. He is a passionate communicator and strives to ensure that you will understand each step of the water restoration process.

Luke holds an IICRC Certification in Water Restoration.

Smiling lady

Jessica Ralph

Jessica has been with SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley since July 2022, and he serves as an Emergency Services Project Coordinator. She is currently a student at College of the Canyons, and excels at communication and serving her teammates. She loves a good cup of coffee (or two or three) and enjoys listening to EDM music.

Female facing southeast next to van

Ellie Werner

Meet Ellie, she is a senior at The Masters University, where she is currently studying elementary education. When she's not focused on her studies, Ellie loves spending time with her furry friends. She is an avid dog lover and enjoys dog sitting in her free time. Ellie's poodle, Bella Rose, is her constant companion and brings her joy every day.

Aside from her passion for dogs, Ellie has a strong creative side. She loves to draw and paint, and finds inspiration in the beauty of the world around her. Her artistic talent is evident in her attention to detail and her ability to capture the essence of her subjects.

When it comes to food, Ellie is a big fan of sushi. She loves trying new restaurants and exploring different types of sushi. Her adventurous spirit extends beyond food, as she's always looking for new experiences and opportunities to learn and grow.

Ellie is a well-rounded individual, and her love for dogs, passion for art, and adventurous spirit make her a unique and inspiring teammate.

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