Photo Gallery

Open kitchen with removed cabinetry and lower drywall with four SERVPRO air movers operating nearby

Santa Clarita Valley SERVPRO Techs Implement Drying Strategies

SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley responded to this property’s water removal needs with controlled demolition and structural drying. The kitchen in this photo needed lower cabinets, the sink, and drywall removed before positioning air movers and dehumidifiers for drying.

Drying equipment forcing air into a ceiling cavity in a partially sealed storage room

Ceiling Water Drying by SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley

SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley technicians responded to this home’s water damage needs. Polyethylene sheeting forces air from an air mover into a ceiling cavity. The room in this photo is partially sealed with polyethylene sheeting for more efficient drying.

Technicians removing insulation and drywall from a storm-damaged room

SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley Storm Damage Services

SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley responded to a storm damage incident in a local home. Technicians in this photo implemented demolition services for unsalvageable drywall and insulation to prepare the space for drying, sanitation, and repairs.

Moisture and mold behind wall and floor tiles

Mold Remediation, the SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley Way

In this photo, SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley inspected mold damage that was found behind wall and floor tiles. Technicians can render remediation, odor control, sanitation, and repairs per Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) protocols.

Centrifugal air movers in the corner while stackable air movers and dehumidifiers dry water damage in a partially sealed room

Mitigating Santa Clarita Dormitory Water Damage 24/7

In this photo, SERVPRO water damage drying equipment mitigates excess moisture in a Santa Clarita college dormitory. Low-profile stackable air movers work with low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers with the help of a polyethylene drying chamber to restore structural materials.

Three air movers in a room with removed flooring and drywall

Drying Santa Clarita Residential Flood Damage

After flood damage impacted this Santa Clarita property, SERVPRO professionals demolished contaminated drywall with flood cuts and removed flooring. Powerful low-profile air movers like those in the photo circulate air through the space for dehumidifiers to collect.

Air movers in a room with removed baseboards and ventilation holes cut into walls and ceiling

Water Removal for a Santa Clarita Dorm

SERVPRO responded to first-floor water damage in this Santa Clarita dormitory. The photo shows that technicians removed baseboards and opened the corner bench for drying. Small holes were marked and cut into the ceiling and walls for air circulation.

SERVPRO cavity drying equipment in front of kitchen cabinets and appliances

Cavity Drying Saves the Day from Water Damage Santa Clarita

A Santa Clarita kitchen had water damage behind the toe-kick under the cabinets. SERVPRO has specialized drying equipment such as these cavity driers that force warm, dry air directly onto the areas needed resulting in a faster and even more thorough job.

Large amount of SERVPRO drying equipment on racks

Specialized Drying Equipment for Santa Clarita Storm Damage

When cleaning up flood damage in a Santa Clarita property, along with prompt extraction, specific drying equipment helps with the best outcome for homeowners. This photo shows the large number of cavity drying systems that SERVPRO has access to for use during mitigation.

Wall in a home with mold damage showing on a wall

Santa Clarita Mold Remediation Job

The homeowner of this Santa Clarita property suspected mold damage and when SERVPRO arrived, the techs located an infestation on a wall behind a cabinet. Upon removal, the time to remain on-site for the mold ticks down as the techs perform their professional remediation service to eradicate the problem.

Fireplace in a living room with smoke damage and fire extinguisher residues on walls

Lancaster Fire Damage Surface Cleaning

Not every fire in a Lancaster property needs extensive fire restoration services. This photo shows little charring but a large amount of fire extinguisher residue and smoke damage that needed cleanup. 

hands holding dirty sooty mug and one cleaned one

Soot and Smoke Damage Cleaning in Valencia

Our customer in Valencia was very pleased with our "hands-on" approach to cleaning these sooty mugs. We have the skilled SERVPRO technicians to utilize EPA-approved and proprietary detergents to make these treasured possessions appear "Like it never even happened." We understand and empathize, knowing the stress suffered by the residents after a house fire. We are Here to Help.

Water Extraction Showcases Teamwork

Water Extraction

Due to a large influx of job requests, much of our staff was busy this past week. Nevertheless, our Office Manager Michael Johns stepped up and helped out on one of our recent water losses. This occurred at a local school and needed to be dealt with quickly. You have to love our team stepping up and working together especially during such a challenging time as this. 

Crew Technicians Draining Crawlspace

Flooded Crawlspace Being Drained

Our team was able to drain a crawlspace that had flooded with thousands of gallons of water this past week. They were onsite for several hours as our water extraction units were running excessively. Eventually, all the water was drained and the homeowners were extremely grateful for the help. 

Flooded Office

Flooded Office Due to Excess Rain

A local office had their front desk portion of the building flooded following excessive rain. They gave SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley a call as soon as they recognized the damage. SERVPRO was able to get on site quickly and setup equipment to extract the water and moisture. 

If you have any storm damage or flooding in need of restoration give us a call today at (661) 296-4600.

Car Starts Fire In Garage

Garage Fire

A local home suffered from a mild fire in their garage after their car burst into flames. The fire thankfully did not spread throughout the rest of the home. SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to mitigate the damage and remove any burnt material from the garage so that the homeowners could continue with the insurance claims and reconstruction process.

Commercial Property Sewage Leak

Commercial Sewage Leak

A local commercial property suffered a sewage related loss after several of their toilets in the restrooms flooded and were leaking raw sewage. SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to mitigate the damage and remove the standing water and any sewage in the restrooms. 

If you have any commercial damage or losses give us a call today at (661) 296-4600

Flooded Toilet

Overflowed Toilet Leads to Water Damage

This is a rather common problem. The homeowners suffered from a flooded toilet which eventually cleared up but unfortunately dumped water all over the bathroom floor. This was then absorbed into the surrounding flooring, walls, and the nearby sink cabinetry. 

If your toilet is overflowing use a plunger and don't get frustrated sometimes it takes a little bit of time to clear up. Multiple flushes could just make cleanup messier. 

Suffering from water damage? Give SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley a call at (661) 296-4600

Leaking Pipe

Leaking Pipes Lead to Water Damage

One of the most common problems with water damage is faulty water lines. The pipes in the picture were leaking for severe days before the problem was recognized. This led to the damage of the surrounding material and could have resulted in bacterial growth if SERVPRO had not responded in a quick and efficient manner. 

If you have any water damage restoration needs call SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley at (661) 296-4600. 

Fire Damaged Home & Garage

Extreme Fire Damage of Home

A local home was devastated due to an unexpected fire which was able to grow unrestricted in the garage. The extent of the damage was confined primarily to the garage but was able to spread slightly through the front portion of the home and destroyed the cars outside the home. 

SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to board up the garage for the homeowner so that they could figure out how to proceed with reconstruction with their insurance provider. 

Water Damaged Office

Commercial Property Reconstruction

This is a reconstruction job of an office space in the Santa Clarita Valley region. The damage was not severe but did require the baseboards and some carpeting to be replaced. The picture above showcases our work following the reconstruction in one of the larger areas of the office space. 

Broken Window

Vandalism of Window

A local homeowner had their window broken in an act of vandalism. The homeowner contacted SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley. We were able to get on site quickly and board up the window and clean up any glass fragments. 

Hole in Wall

Hole in Exterior Wall

This is a classic example of small exterior damage which could lead to serious internal damage of the home. In this case there was already a large portion of water from rain which had penetrated the home's walls.

Perform routine checks of the exterior of your home and if you find a problem which has lead to damage of your home give SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley a call at (661) 296-4600

Pack Out

SERVPRO Goes the Extra Mile with Pack out

This picture shows our very own Wendy going the extra mile in pack out. Whenever you need your belongings moved out for restoration we ensure that they are clean and free of any contaminants or debris. This is an example with Wendy wiping down a chair to ensure that the homeowner's belongings are clean and ready for pack out. 

Ceiling Damage Santa Clarita Valley

Ceiling Damage from Rain

A local homeowner noticed their ceiling leaking a bit and then bowing down. Eventually, portions of the ceiling began to fall down. They then contacted SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley to come assess and mitigate the damage.

Flood damage, Santa Clarita

Water Damage from Flooding, Santa Clarita

A local business had extensive water damage in their office following heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding. SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to rapidly respond and mitigate the damage. 

Moisture Testing

Testing for Moisture

Here we can see an example of one of our technicians using our moisture testing gauges. Tools like these allow us to respond quickly and give a precise and exact measure of how much moisture is onsite. From here we can determine what the best course of action will be for the client and then follow up with mitigation and restoration. 

Weather damage, Santa Clarita

Weather Causing Ceiling to Fall, Santa Clarita Valley

A local home had water damage related to weather deteriorate their roofing and eventually ceiling. This caused affected areas to fall and exposed the room to the outside weather and moisture. This situation would have continued to get worse had our experts not arrived on site quickly and assessed and mitigated the damage.

Roofing Collapse, Santa Clarita

Roofing Collapse Due to Weather, Santa Clarita

A local home's roof could not hold itself up due to recent rain and years of slow degradation of the structural integrity. This opened up sections of the roof to the elements and could have resulted in a great deal of property damage. Thankfully, SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to assess the damage, deal with any immediate problems, and plan a course of action in how to proceed. 

Proper Equipment and Training

Proper Equipment and Training, Santa Clarita Valley

SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley has the expertise and equipment needed to respond to any emergency. This photo showcases both our personal protection equipment and also our containment units. Having the proper equipment and also training is crucial to having a quick and effective restoration and mitigation. All of this is what makes SERVPRO the right choice when disaster strikes. Trust us when a commercial or residential emergency happens and let us make it "Like it never even happened." 

Pack Out

Pack Out, Santa Clarita

A local home needed to have their personal belongings removed in order to mitigate extensive water damage to their property. SERVPRO was able to respond quickly and arrange the pack out of their personal belongings into a pod and store until the mitigation was complete. Furthermore, SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley's pack out crew was able to move all of the belongings back into the home following the restoration. 

Drying Containment Setup, Santa Clarita Valley

Containment Setup, Santa Clarita Valley

A local homeowner had a bathtub overflow from the bathroom above. This not only affected the upper floor but also leaked through and affected the floor below. Our trained technicians were able to setup a containment unit on both floors and use our equipment to mitigate the water damage and eliminate the need for any demolition or reconstruction. 

Fire Damage

Workshop Fire, Santa Clarita

A workshop fire occurred leaving  a garage damaged and soot laden. SERVPRO was able to not only respond rapidly but also deal with the physical damage and ensure that the garage was free of any stagnant or airborne ash and soot.  

Hole in ceiling

Hole in Ceiling, Lancaster

Water from the upper floor saturated the ceiling over a few days. This caused the ceiling to bow and crack needing to be removed for safety and the prevention of mold growth. SERVPRO was able to respond rapidly and mitigate the damage and dry out the affected regions. 

Water Loss at local home

Water Damage in Lancaster

Drying systems setup in Lancaster following a burst water pipe. Water was leaking for several days before the damage was discovered. SERVPRO was able to mitigate the damage and help the owner prepare for followup reconstruction. 

Water Loss at a Local School

This is what it looks like while we are doing our work at a local school. The carpet had water on it and the baseboards of the cabinetry was also affected by the water. In the picture, you can see our equipment at work, drying both the carpet and the cabinets instead of removing them altogether. 

Kitchen Fire

A local home suffered a kitchen fire which left a significant damage on the walls and wall cabinets. The problem was quickly dealt with and we make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage above a shower in Santa Clarita, CA

This is a picture of mold found above a shower in Santa Clarita. The hole in the ceiling was caused by a small leak in the pipes, which also caused the mold growth in the ceiling. Our goal is to fix disasters "Like it never happened".

Setting up containment

A local house in Santa Clarita had mold in their bathroom and a containment had to be set up before our crew could start cutting through the affected area. The sealing of the room with plastic avoids movement of mold through the air.

Cutting Through the Ceiling of a Shower

A local Santa Clarita home had a leak from the pipes from the second floor that destroyed through the ceiling of the first floor shower. Our crew had to cut the ceiling, which was heavily affected by the water damage.

Large Commercial Loss

This is a picture of our crew members setting up a containment at a large commercial loss. The building was heavily affected by a bursted fire hydrant that flooded the building from its upper floors down to the ground floor. Fortunately, SERVPRO was able to respond and serve the local Santa Clarita building.

SERVPRO Van at a Fire Loss

This is our SERVPRO van at a residential home, cleaning up a local fire loss. We try to make our jobs as quick as possible to get the homeowners back into their homes without being away from it for too long.

Commercial Water Loss

This is a picture of a local commercial water loss in Santa Clarita. SERVPRO was able to clean it up "Like it never happened" allowing the business to get up and running as quick as possible.

Garage Fire Loss

This is a picture of a garage in a local home in Santa Clarita that caught fire. SERVPRO was able to clean up the fire loss that left soot and smoke damage in the house.

Boarded Up Glass Panel

SERVPRO cleaned up the shattered glass after this local store got broken in to. Our crew boarded up the window panel as a temporary cover before a glass company replaces the window.