Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Local Home Severely Damaged by Fire

The home pictured above had a catastrophic failure of their chimney in the front portion of their home. This living room section was one of the most affected by... READ MORE

Fire & Water Damage

The pictures shown above have quite an interesting backstory. A local Santa Clarita Valley home was mildly affected by a brush fire outside their home. It sligh... READ MORE

Faulty Chimney Causes Fire

A fireplace within a local home had a faulty or improperly installed chimney which was causing the material within the walls to heat up and burn. This was a cle... READ MORE

Home Fire Damage Mitigated by SERVPRO

A fire occurred unexpectedly within this home. The damage was fairly widespread. You can see in the before picture the damage to a few pieces of furniture. The ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Home Restored by SERVPRO

A Santa Clarita home had an unexpected fire occur inside the building. The damage caused a great deal of ash and soot to develop inside the home and also damage... READ MORE

Small Kitchen Fire

In these pictures, you can see the damages that the stove left in the homeowner's kitchen. Soot and ash were left on the ground after the fire, but with the hel... READ MORE