Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Damage Turned Water Loss

This was a fire damage that also became a water damage to an entire home. Here is the before and after photos of the kitchen after our reconstruction was comple... READ MORE

Leaking Toilet and Pipes Within Wall Causes Water Damage

A home in Santa Clarita suffered some water damage from a leaking toilet in their master bathroom. Additionally, there were leaking pipes within the walls which... READ MORE

Toilet Leak Leads to Water Damage

A home in the Santa Clarita Valley noticed that the flooring near their toilet was warping and also had a foul odor. They then noticed that their toilet was lea... READ MORE

Water Damage from Leaking Pipe

This ceiling and wall showcases what can happen when a pipe is malfunctioning or leaking. The water was able to absorb into the drywall and also much of the su... READ MORE

Broken water line affects 13 rooms

The photos you see are just part of the story for a Valencia home that experienced a serious water leak in September 2019. The leak originated in a broken water... READ MORE

Water Leak from the Second Floor

As you can see on the before picture, there has been a massive water leak from the ceiling of this local Santa Clarita home. The upstairs bathroom had a water s... READ MORE

Slab Leak in Santa Clarita

A local Santa Clarita home suffered a water loss through a simple slab leak that seeped through their wood flooring and ultimately affected the kitchen floor. T... READ MORE